Info Days for Master's Degrees - IIT dedicates month of June to Education

MSc in Artificial Intelligence – Collaboration with University of Piraeus (SKEL | The AI Lab) | Wednesday 16 June @11.00am

Prof George Vouros, Director of the Master’s programme, Professor at the University of Piraeus and Head of its AI Laboratory and Dr Theodore Giannakopoulos, Senior Researcher at IIT, NCSR Demokritos will present the postgraduate programme that aims to provide a comprehensive programme on AI theory and technology, emphasising on state of the art techniques, methods and modern programming environments. The programme’s goal is our students to be among those that will lead research and development on AI, as demand for human resources with excellent knowledge of Artificial Intelligence techniques and methods, is internationally now a given.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a well-recognised and internationally established scientific field of computer science that overlaps with many other sciences: Philosophy, ethics, economics, statistics, linguistics, neuro-physiology, sociology, etc. It covers a variety of topics: Computational logic, natural language processing, systems autonomy, machine learning, computational vision, etc. In the present era, appropriate conditions and special opportunities have been formed for remarkable AI results, while there is a lot of discussion on the possibilities of AI, with special emphasis on the risks and emerging ethical issues.

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Meeting ID: 824 4082 3616
Passcode: 210569