FRIDAYS' AI TALKS - 27 January | Online

Fridays' AI talks are digital talks on emergent AI topics, organised by MSc in Artificial Intelligence. The series consist of talks given by scientists and researchers from academia and industry AI experts, and intends to cover the wide spectrum of topics regarding artificial intelligence. We plan to organize 1 talk per month and sporadically even including panel discussions. The target audience for the Fridays' AI talks includes the current MSc in Artificial Intelligence students, our alumni, members from academia, researchers and practitioners from labs and industry.

Fridays' AI talk: Fake News, Real Ethics: The Role of AI Ethics Frameworks and IEEE CertifAIEd in Social Media Platforms

Invited speakers: Dr Katherine Evans, Gilles Fayad | IEEE Standards Association

Friday 27 January 2023, 18.00, Online

"The rise in popularity of online social media platforms as a central forum for information, communication and debate has brought a host of novel challenges: filter bubbles, echo chambers, polarisation and fake news all seem to undermine important societal values, and if left unchecked, threaten to fundamentally damage modern democracies across the world. The upholding of important principles such as freedom of speech, privacy and transparency could go a long way to combat these phenomena, but the means by which these principles can be applied to such a context often remain frustratingly unclear. Could ethics have a role to play in combatting fake news? How do abstract ethical criteria concretely apply to real-world problems, and what does this application entail? From principles to practice and everything in-between, this talk aims to address both the role of ethics in AI, and its application to important use cases such as fake news, through the application of AI Ethics Frameworks like the IEEE's CertifAIEd program".

Short bios

Katherine Evans holds a doctorate in the philosophy of ethics and artificial intelligence from Sorbonne University, with a specialization in the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles. She also holds a masters in political and ethical philosophy from the Sorbonne, and an undergraduate in cinema studies and direction. She left her native Vancouver twelve years ago to pursue a life in Paris, where she is now based. Katherine works as a consultant for the IEEE, where she aids in the development of ethical standards under the CertifAIEd program. She is also lead analyst at the International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, and is the author and scientific expert of UNESCO’s Comic Book on Artificial Intelligence.

Gilles is an innovation addict with 20+ years in new products development and ecosystems management worldwide at companies such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Rockwell, or Nortel. He first tackled AI in the context of his Master's of Electrical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and never stopped focusing on emerging technologies since then. His deep fascination for the impact of technology on society lead him to contribute his industry experience in emerging technologies product development and ecosystem growth to various organizations including IEEE, where he advises on the CertifAIEd AI Ethics program.

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