The MSc program addresses strong Artificial Intelligence, as a distinct domain of computer science and offers courses that cover a wide spectrum of well-established Artificial Intelligence topics in a comprehensive curriculum, targeting to skills and competences that graduates must have: This creates a firm basis for graduates to have the abilities needed to use, improve existing, and develop new Artificial Intelligence methods, with a creative attitude, advancing science and technology.


Specifically, the program aims to educate scientists who design, develop and implement

  1. systems and methods adhering to ethical rules,
  2. machine learning methods, with the aim of automating the decision-making process in a data driven way,
  3. knowledge representation and reasoning methods,
  4. methods for developing and integrating intelligent agents and robotic systems,
  5. search, planning and optimization methods,
  6. natural language processing methods,
  7. solutions to specific problems,

in various fields of human activity and science, in an environment of interaction between research topics and fields of application.


In addition to the aforementioned specialized objectives, the Study Program of the MSc aims at competences and skills that graduates must have acquired upon successful completion of their studies:

  • Ability to analyse and synthesize
  • Ability to organize and plan work and manage time successfully
  • Ability to communicate technical/scientific ideas and solutions (oral and written)
  • Ability to manage information and evaluate properly according to needs
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to develop critical thinking and capacity for critical approaches
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability of taking interdisciplinary approaches
  • Ability to work in an international environment
  • Ethical commitment and individual responsibility
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Ability to adapt methods and techniques to new situations and conditions
  • Ability to generate new ideas – Creativity
  • Ability to undertake independent work
  • Commitment to quality

The achievement of the above competences and skills is a goal that characterizes the IIMSc study program as a whole and each individual educational activity.